Did You Know...

image of blue asthma inhalerWe occasionally get asked if the alcohol in asthma inhalers can affect driving.  The answer is a resounding no.

A ripe banana contains five times more alcohol than even the most alcoholic inhaler available today - you would have to use 10 full inhalers to get the equivalent of one standard drink, so the alcohol cannot put you 'over the limit'

If you are wheezy enough to need to use an inhaler though, you should wait until the medication has worked before you drive anyway, so there is no chance any alcohol from the inhaler would be detected at a roadside check.


image of bananas


  Alcohol content (milligram)
Standard Drink 10,000
Ripe Banana (100g) 40
Atrovent 8.4
Salamol 4.8






Now, who's up for a round of bananas?


Inhaler Image (modified):  Christian Guthier

Banans (modified):  Augustus Binu



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