Fees for Other Services

In addition to consultations, we provide a wide range of additional services.  The prices for some of our more popular services are listed below:


Prices Correct As At: 01/06/2018
Service Price
Blood Test (without consultation) $10
Cervical Smear $30
ECG (Heart Tracing) $40
Ear Syringing $30
Liquid Nitrogen Cryotherapy (warts and skin lumps) $15-25
IV Infusion (usually Iron or Zoledronate) $140
Punch Biopsy $120
Simple Mole Removal (Price is for first - 50% discount for each of up to three more removed at the same time) $270
Skin Tag cautery $120
Deeper skin surgery and complex mole removal including skin flap work $350
Nail Care/trim $25
Travel and other Vaccines - these prices are subject to change without notice so should be seen as indicative only.  The brands offered may also change.  Prices are occasionally less for paediatric doses - adult prices quoted.  
Hepatitis A $105
Hepatitis B $30
Rabies (you need THREE shots - the price quoted is for EACH) $130
Typhoid $75
Typhoid and Hepatitis A combined vaccine $145
Cholera vaccine $75
Tetanus and Diptheria booster $20
Tetanus, Diptheria and Pertussis (whooping cough) - this is often also needed for the family of new babies. $60



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