Nurse Joy Married

On Sunday 1st July 2017, Anuj Shah married Jyotika Muneshwari Mani in a traditional ceremony held in her home town of Wanganui.  Despite him hailing from New York, a large contingent of his family made the trip to New Zealand and of course, so did a bunch of us from SHC.  Read on for more pictures.

Joy has just had her garland put round her neck and is waiting for the ceremony to begin.  There are many blessings and prayers to Ganesh for the union to be blessed and at each stage, there are special significant actions such as taking seven steps together and using a grindstone.  This last is especially interesting - there are two stones, each useless without the other and anything that gets between them is crushed.

Joy and Anuj are ritually joined with a ribbon.  This bonds them together but also makes the rest of the ceremony difficult as there are a few circuits, steps to take and a swapping of positions when Joy makes requests of Anuj and he grants them.

There is almost an hour of complex Sanscrit and Hindi prayers but the couple still get a moment to chat when they think they are hidden by a pillar!

Married at last.  Mr and Mrs Shah pose for pictures.

And at the end, it wouldn't be an Indian wedding without a bit of Bollywood bling!

We hope you will all join with us in wishing the happy couple nothing but the best in their life together in the Big Apple.

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