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Flat Feet

Flat feet, known medically as Pes Planus, are commonly seen on examining children and some adults. 

Though essentially a normal finding, and generally nothing to be concerned about, they can cause pain on walking or running and it is very common for us to find that children and young adults who complain of sore legs, hips or backs whilst exercising have flat feet.  This simple article is intended to help you understand flat feet and to treat yourself.  If you have symptoms that do not improve quickly, please see your doctor.




This page deals with acute earache (pain of less than 72 hours' duration). Longer term earache always needs a medical opinion but you can treat it in the same way until you do get to see a doctor (soon).




Fever is a term used in many different ways. Some people mean it to be just a temperature, others mean shivering or hot and cold or flu-like symptoms.

After Dark Medical Care

After Hours Service and Health Advice


Ambulance: 111


24 Hour Surgery:

365 7777



It can be frustrating when you or members of your family fall ill after the surgery has closed. Symptoms often begin or worsen at night or at weekends and this page aims to help you to deal effectively and safely with a few of the most common problems.

Pain in Adults

Pain Relief for Adults

 There are many painful conditions which can cause problems after the surgery has closed. The most common painful conditions causing adults to see a doctor after hours are:

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