Measles Update

We have been very busy behind the scenes formulating a sensible response to the single measles case in Sumner.

After discussion with the Medical Officer For Health, we feel that it is NOT necessary to make any changes at present, though this will change if there are further cases.

Although we are NOT recommending that parents immunise children early, the following options are available to you if you would like to discuss them:

Measles Case in Sumner

A confirmed case of measles at the Pebbles Pre-school has given impetus to our campaign to chase up those who may have missed out on immunisation.

Please be assured that the risk of catching measles is small at present but if your child has not been immunised, we recommend that you consider whether now might not be a good time to get this essential protection.

We have MMR vaccine in stock and are able to give it to all appropriate children.

If you have questions about immunisation, please make an appointment.

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