Drug Free

Drug Free Heart Disease

Drug Free Heart Disease

Vascular disease is one of the leading killers worldwide.  Blood vessels throughout the body narrow and harden as cholesterol plaques build up and accrete calcium.  It happens to one degree or other in almost everyone, but there are things you can do about it.

Drug Free Blood Pressure



High blood pressure has been called the silent killer.  Slowly, year on year, blood vessels become thicker and hardened until they either block or rupture. 

Some simple lifestyle choices can reduce your blood pressure and the risk of disease with them. 

Drug Free Living

Is it possible to live without pills?


In the past, doctors were very good at diagnosis but not really able to do much about disease.  We could tell you you had pneumonia, a stroke or a heart attack but the treatments of the day were generally ineffective and none were based on any good level of evidence. 

These days, we are fortunate indeed to have potent effective medications available that can prevent or treat diseases but might it be possible to live without them?

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