Measles Catchup Campaign

Measles has been in the news in the USA recently and with cases in Christchurch, a scare in Sumner in March 2015 and outbreaks occurring regularly in New Zealand, it is time to review the immunisation status of your children.

Measles is not a minor childhood illness - it is very infectious so spreads quickly and can kill - 1 in 1000 children will be harmed permanently by measles and half of those will die.

The good news is that with immunisation it is possible to prevent both infection initially and the spread of the disease.

Flat Feet

Flat feet, known medically as Pes Planus, are commonly seen on examining children and some adults. 

Though essentially a normal finding, and generally nothing to be concerned about, they can cause pain on walking or running and it is very common for us to find that children and young adults who complain of sore legs, hips or backs whilst exercising have flat feet.  This simple article is intended to help you understand flat feet and to treat yourself.  If you have symptoms that do not improve quickly, please see your doctor.

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