Job Description - Privacy Administrator

Privacy Administrator

Main purpose of the role:


The Privacy Admnistrator is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Health Information Privacy Act and the Privacy Act as well as the various ethical principles surrounding confidentiality.

A healthy scepticism is maintained to ensure that new innovations in technology do not compromise health information security.

Job Description - Health and Safety Adminstrator

Health and Safety Officer

Last reviewed 29/11/2018

Main purpose of the role:


The Health and Safety Officer is responsible for ensuring the physical safety of the staff and clients of the practice.

This role requires attention to detail and common sense combined with a legalistic approach to potential hazards.

A recognition of the difference between something being safe and no-one yet having been hurt is essential.


Job Description - Staff Administrator

Staff Administrator

Main purpose of the role:


The Staff Administrator is responsible for the co-ordination of all aspects of staffing.

Advertising and recruitment:  the generation of job advertisements and the placement of these in appropriate media.

Contracts:  Ensuring all staff have appropriate individual employment agreeements and that these are kept up to date.

Job description - Compliance Support Administrator

Compliance Support Administrator

Main purpose of the role:

This practice is committed to continuous quality improvement.

In order to ensure quality, certain standards must be met across a broad range of criteria.

The Compliance Support Administrator role is responsible for ensuring that standards are being met by scheduling checks as defined by policy, reporting on the outcome of checks and where appropriate, making adjustments to ensure compliance.


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