Job Description - Health and Safety Adminstrator

Health and Safety Officer

Last reviewed 29/11/2018

Main purpose of the role:


The Health and Safety Officer is responsible for ensuring the physical safety of the staff and clients of the practice.

This role requires attention to detail and common sense combined with a legalistic approach to potential hazards.

A recognition of the difference between something being safe and no-one yet having been hurt is essential.


Key Tasks

Standards/Outcomes Expected



Health and Safety Officer




Compliance with legislation

Ensure all employees are aware of their responsibility for workplace health and safety.

Keep up to date with changes in health and safety legislation.

Inform and review practice health and safety policy




Inspect the practice as per practice policy to identify new hazards.



Hazard Management

Take appropriate steps to ensure the safe management of any hazard, in association with a Director, if required.

Ensure hazards are recorded in the hazard book as per policy.

Notify staff of significant hazards at practice meetings including revision of existing hazards.

Discussion of incidents with the directors and at practice meetings.




Staff Induction

Ensure contractors and locums coming on site are made aware of any hazards.

Ensure new staff are notified of any hazards.

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