Job Description - Practice Nurse

Practice Nurse Job Description



The Practice Nurse provides primary care nursing support, patient interventions and treatment within the Medical Centre and from time to time in patient's homes or elsewhere as required. Nurses also fulfil the many and varied additional roles that occur from time to time – the Practice Nurse should be a good general go-to person. As part of the General Practice team, the nurse must work within scope of practice and be responsible for providing patient-centred, culturally appropriate and individual holistic care to patients.

Patients should feel that they have been dealt with in a friendly, courteous manner and that alll that can be done for them has been done. We aim to provide the highest possible standard of care at all times.

The Practice Nurse works closely with the doctors and other team members to provide efficient, effective professional nursing services.


Key Tasks

Standards/Outcomes Expected



Clinical Services




Nursing Services

Provide Primary Care Nursing Services as follows:

a) Urgent treatment (including resuscitation, stabilisation and assisting with assessment as necessary)

b) Assessment of the urgency and severity of presenting problems by history taking and examination before referral to the appropriate clinician or service. Assessment may be by telephone or face to face.

c) Follow-up of patient test results and communication with patients where appropriate.

d) Undertaking treatment options and carrying out appropriate procedures and clinical interventions including but not limited to counselling, advising and the provision of information.

e) Set up and assistance with minor surgery and other procedures.

f) Health Screening.

g) Acting as a chaperone as required.

h) Home visits where required.



Maintaining and Improving Health

Provide timely clinical and culturally appropriate health services through -

a) Ongoing health education and advice, incuding counselling to improve health and prevent disease.

b) Use of recall and reminder systems and, as appropriate, referral to national screening programmes.

c) Education to assist patients to reduce or change risky and harmful lifestyle behaviour.

d) Family planning services, provision of contraceptive advice and sexual health services.

e) Delivery of immunisation programmes.

f) Working with public health providers in the prevention and control of communicable diseases for individuals and families and reporting to relevant public health providers.

g) Ongoing care and support for people with chronic and terminal conditions.

h) Health promotion to the practices' enrolled and local population, linking to public health programmes at a local, regional and national level, and where appropriate, using such programmes to target specific populations.



Co-ordinating care

General interface between the patient and the various services that may be required to assist their wellbeing or receovery, including;


a) Co-ordinating an individuals rehabilitation process and praticipating where appropriate in the provision of recovey oriented services.

b) The development of collaborative working relationships with community health services, DHB, ACC, NGO and relevant non-health agencies.

c) Advocay on behalf of patients with external agencies.








Ensure that all patient services undertaken are charged out in accordance with appropriate protocols.




When claiming subsidies from any funding agency, all compliance clauses must be adhered to.




Assist with provision of information for practice reporting requirements, as requested.



Practice Supplies and Maintenance




Stocks of materials

Maintain adequate levels of stock for materials and equipment in all treatment and consulting rooms, ensuring no item is past its expiry date and that stock is rotated to minimise wastage.



Drug supplies

Maintain adequate levels of medication supplies for the practice ensuring no item is past its expiry date and that stock is rotated to minimise wastage.



Controlled Drug Register

Maintain the Controlled Drug register in accordance with practice policy.



Other Supplies

Ensure that the emergency medical bags and doctors' bags are kept correctly supplied.



IT System




Accuracy of Information

All information entered into the PMS is accurate, appropriate and in accordance with practice policy.



New Patients

Set up screening and recalls as appropriate for new patients.



PHO Involvement




Patient Enrolment

Supporting other staff by assisting in the promotion of enrolment and assuring that enrolment is appropriate and according to local and national guidelines.








Professional liason with other health professionals is maintained.

Relates in a professional manner and communicates effectively to support the patient through the healthcare experience.




All staff are informed as appropriate about anything that they should be aware of regarding a patient or regarding the internal workings of the practice. Staff and team meetings are attended as requested.



Staff Problems or Issues

All staff problems or issues are referred to the Staff Manager in the first instance.







Clinical Notes

All patient consultations must be recorded accurately in the clinical notes within 24 hours of contact. This includes records of both face to face and remote conversations.



Professional Development

Undertakes responsibility for own professional nursing development.

Meets NZ Nursing Council continuing professional development requirements.



Peer Review

Attendance at regular peer review meetings in accordance with the guidelines of the NZ Nursing Council.








All complaints to be referred to the Complaints Manager in the first instance.



Privacy Act

Total confidentiality and privacy of patients is maintained.



Health and Safety

Comply with the Health and Safety Policy in all respects.

Comply with current NZ legislation.







Other Duties

Hours of work are set out in the Employment Agreement however there may be times when you are required to undertake other duties outside these hours as requested. This may involve attendance at meetings, staff meetings or training sessions.

You will also be required to cover reception duties during the receptionists' breaks and at times when reception cover is not provided.

You are also responsible for the overall standard and cleanliness of the premises, though weekly cleaning is undertaken by other staff.

This is a small practicce and every staff member is expected to be flexible and hands-on. No job in the practice is excluded from the duties of every staff member, save for where scope of practice limitations apply.




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